Does a K&N Air Filter Improve Performance? - An Expert's Perspective

Are you looking for ways to improve the performance of your vehicle? Many people turn to aftermarket air filters, such as K&N, to do just that. But do they really work? To answer this question, we need to look at the results of tests conducted by automotive experts. Fenske tested four different air filters in a real-world environment, measuring the acceleration times between them. The K&N filter showed a 2-3% improvement in acceleration time compared to the original unit. This suggests that it can provide a slight boost in performance. The same expert also tested the filters on a dynamometer, and again found that the K&N filter produced the most gains - around four horsepower and five pounds of torque.

This indicates that it can provide a noticeable increase in power. But how does it compare when it comes to filtering dirt? To accurately measure filter efficiency, it is essential to know the exact amount of test dust introduced into the filter during the test. Following the ISO 5011 standard, a filter tested in Germany can be directly compared to another filter tested 5 years later in Rhode Island. Ken, an employee at Testand and diesel enthusiast, conducted his own tests on different types and brands of air filters for diesel engines. He found that the K&N filter was able to filter dirt better than any other medium on the market. This suggests that it can provide superior protection for your engine. So, does a K&N air filter improve performance? The answer is yes - tests have shown that it can provide a slight boost in acceleration time and a noticeable increase in power.

It also offers superior protection against dirt and other contaminants.

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