Are Expensive Air Filters Really Worth the Investment?

When it comes to air quality, investing in a high-quality air filter can make a huge difference. While a cheaper option may have fewer creases, which reduces the surface area that traps pollutants in the air, it is not always the best choice. A more expensive air filter may be washable and last for years, rather than months. However, this option has several drawbacks, such as a lower MERV rating, frequent maintenance requirements, and the potential for it to attract mold to the air unit.The least expensive filters are made of spun fiberglass, which filters air very poorly compared to materials such as paper, cotton or polyester.

The new filters prevent additional billing over time, as they allow air to pass through them with the minimum air flow required. FilterBuy sells more expensive air filters for one reason: they're worth it because of their quality and convenience.Contrary to popular belief, pleated filters do not restrict air flow, making the oven or air conditioning unit work harder and increasing energy costs. In fact, the extra surface lets more air through, so the central air conditioning unit doesn't have to work as hard to get air through it. A dirty or clogged air filter is never good for the air conditioning system, and these filters need to be changed regularly.Your home air filter blocks airborne problems that a ventilation system can pump from outside.

A filter must be constantly replaced or there may be problems with air flow and filter efficiency. To reduce the size of the air filter and not leave the store empty-handed, you definitely have to go to the store to find out what size air filter you need for your system.Expensive air filters are less of a luxury and more of an important step in keeping your home smelling healthy and clean. HVAC instructors Roger McDow and Roger Spittle told us that if the oven is the heart of your home, air filters are like lungs. At Filter King, we offer affordable filters that look expensive but provide protection equal to what you pay for.

Your home should be a place where you can relax and breathe easily, and air filters are the tools to help make it just that.

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