What Type of Materials are Used in an Air Filter 16x25x1?

The frames of air filters 16x25x1 are usually made of cardboard for beverages, which is strong but has a low rating. Carbon filters, on the other hand, are porous and can eliminate odors to keep indoor air fresh. It is easy to order a filter with the number printed on an existing product or measure the actual size of the opening where the filter is installed to determine the nominal filter size you need. The company that manufactured the air conditioning unit makes an OEM oven filter, while aftermarket air filters are manufactured by specialized third-party companies.

Activated carbon air filters are designed to last up to 3 months; however, the activated carbon contained in the air filter may have a limited lifespan depending on the amount of odors it needs to absorb, so it may need to be replaced at shorter intervals. Non-pleated panel air filters are installed in air conditioning systems to capture contaminants from the air stream. Improperly adjusted air or oven filters can allow pollutants to enter your home, reducing system efficiency and increasing electricity bills. Debris that enters through the ventilation grilles surrounding the filter can also damage the air conditioning system and result in expensive repair bills. These flat air filters are often used to capture large particles between 3 and 10 microns in size (such as mold spores and cement dust).

All fiberglass, polyester, washable, pleated and electrostatic filters offer different air filtering capabilities. Polyester non-pleated panel air filters or fiberglass air filters are commonly used in furnaces and central air systems in residential and commercial buildings. A MERV 13 oven filter will work perfectly without creating unnecessary airflow problems, as it filters approximately 95% of large air particles and approximately 80% of small particles. If you have pets, children, or allergy sufferers in your home or business, replace filters more often to maintain higher indoor air quality and keep energy costs down. The pleated filter cartridge is attached to the peripheral interior of the outer frame with a vinyl adhesive, which prevents air from being diverted. For additional filtration of smoke, chemicals, odors, and gases, consider combining HEPA filters with activated carbon filters.

The Home Depot also offers a full range of air filter accessories, making it easy to keep the system running at peak performance. Remember that when creating a filter with this tool, you must use the “real” size of the filter, that is, the size shown by the measuring tape, and not a nominal filter size. Activated carbon air filters provide high filtration performance with a low pressure drop for greater energy efficiency. In addition, they use 100% synthetic fibers, offer high initial efficiency, do not contain chemical binders and do not absorb moisture.

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